2021Shoes has filed a lawsuit against John Geiger’s John Geiger Company and La La Land Production and Design Company, claiming that Geiger’s GF-01 sneakers infringed on the Air Force One trading suit. In response, an article on Geiger Instagram stated that he “very well knows that through two years of production and sales of GF-01 inspiration comes from Nike, and also makes sure that anyone buying shoes is aware that this is a designer shoe making material and higher The quality, together with the changes in my logo and outline."A copy of Nike’s complaint obtained by Complex reads: “By using Nike’s registered Air Force 1 commercial clothing to market and sell shoes, John Geiger deliberately created chaos in the market, taking advantage of Nike’s reputation and the reputation of its iconic shoes. "

Geiger himself is no stranger to Sneakerheads2020 machines. As former manager of NFL All-Pro Flanker Darrelle Revis, Geiger intervened in the design of Zoom Revis in 2012 and also worked with the shoe surgeon in a series of Air Force 1 "error checking" customs-af1 was decorated with multiple swoosh quality materials before , Create your own brand. In the aforementioned Instagram post, Geiger also mentioned his time at Nike. He said: “I think Nike has benefited from the hard work of myself and many creators in the (sneaker) community over the past 10 years. I have been silent and never speak publicly, because everyone in the sneaker industry is speaking for me, but now Nike wants to attack me as an entrepreneur with worthless remarks.” Geiger also promised to increase transparency through legal procedures. .

Just last year, the relationship between "City of Philharmonic" and New Jordan was still very tense, because it was also listed as a defendant in the closely watched Nike v. Warren Lotas case. Although Lotas reached a settlement with Nike in December 2020, "City of Philharmonic" and Nike are still entangled in court. The production company recently filed a countersuit against Nike, stating that “Nike’s strategy is designed to suppress competition and intimidate legitimate companies… These companies often lack resources to defend themselves against such resourceful opponents.” These behaviors have a bullying nature. , Stifling creativity and legal competition. "From a design point of view, Geiger’s GF-01 has an overall shape similar to that of Air Force 1, but there are significant material and decorative differences, namely the customized "JG" pattern on the outsole and midsole, and the slightly thinner middle. At the bottom, different brands of hits and more luxurious materials, such as high-grade tumbling leather, snow, and even multi-color tweed fabric. Others may notice that Nike has never filed a lawsuit against BAPE for BAPESTA, which is the most famous "tribute" of Air Force 1 in history.