The actual anti-counterfeiting alter effect associated with fake smoking is bad, and the actual font advantage has slag as well as stains remaining by publishing.

3. Comparison associated with micro publishing process differences about the back associated with small container of Chinese language table bottom: real smoke cigarettes micro anti-counterfeiting publishing pattern impact shows the actual characteristics associated with clear main and supplementary, high description and precise overprinting; Phony cigarettes utilizing photography or even scanning technique imitation, font as well as pattern deformation improve, no feeling of main and supplementary, miniatures as well as patterns tend to be relatively tough, the impact is blurry.

4. Comparison associated with packaging movie hot closing technology at the end of little box: actual cigarette retreats into vacuum continuous temperature, ruthless and high-speed warm sealing technologies, with great sealing level, high openness of overlapping part with no obvious bubble form; Fake smoke manually hot closing, overlapping the main poor closing, low openness, hot closing after much more bubbles as well as uneven.

5. Assessment of framework and colour difference Marlboro Cigarettes Online associated with Newport 100s Wholesale Cigarettes cut cigarettes: the reduce tobacco associated with real cigarettes is gold yellow (or lemon yellow), the Cheap Cigarettes Sale colour is standard, and consists of less cigarettes dust; The colour of phony tobacco is actually darker, that contains more cigarettes stem as well as tobacco finish, poor filling up.